Vacation Hydration


There are many celebrities that drink water that has molecular hydrogen in it. Why?

Because they feel different when the drink it.

Molecular Hydrogen is anti-aging and has been studied in over 150 diseases.

What would taking in billions and billions of anti-oxidants a day do for your health?

People use molecular hydrogen ionizers ….

Mariah Carey

Bill Gates


Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher

Jennifer Lopez

Elton John

Stephen Tyler
see more….

Magic Johnson

NY Yankee’s

Tiger Woods

LA Laker’s

Dan Hill

Seattle Seahawks
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*please note that Vacation Hydration and Enagic do not pay for celebrity endorsement. Any professional athlete or celebrity who uses the machine does so on their own accord. We don’t need to pay anyone. They happily announce it themselves.
Enagic is the maker of the device. Kangen Water is the name of the anti-oxidant rich water the machine produces.