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Live the BEST Life

About Liana Bakker

I value my time. I value my health.

I love learning.

I love teaching and helping people.

I love connecting people with each other.

Luxury Water Expert ;)

Luxury Water Expert 😉

I love connecting them to products that make their lives better.

I love traveling.

I love food and eating healthfully……which I do….ahhh…most of the time?

I love yoga, hiking and exercise in general.

I am direct. I am honest. I value clear, concise communication.

I am hardworking.

I take my work seriously but it doesn’t mean I am always serious.

Now you know a bit more about me!

Although I have a few other people on my team you will mostly be communicating with me.

I think it’s important for you to know about me since we may be working together.

To get that started you can enter your email below or contact me.

I am a former Registered Massage Therapist. I studied hard, honed my craft and then marketed my butt off to build a successful solo practice.

After a few unfortunate events I realized that this isn’t how I truly want to live or what I want to do. I loved my job but massaging is very draining physically and mentally. After 7 years of practicing I felt I needed to shake things up and I set out to do a few things differently.

This is one of those things.