Vacation Hydration


I am all about bringing delicious clear, clean, alkalized, antioxidant rich drinking water to luxury vacation homes.

If the luxury homes you live in, sell or build don’t have clean drinking water I can help you.

Want to turn a an inconvenience into a luxury amenity?

Do you want to fill your tap water with billions of antioxidants? adding a health and wellness spin to you property?

Do you want to stop polluting our oceans with plastic bottles?

Want to make money by simply referring clients, friends or neighbors to something they want anyways?

If you answer is yes to the above then I can help you!

I also have a dream of using this business to help charities.

All the counter top device needs is electricity and a faucet to hook into! It sits on the counter beside and is the size of a coffee maker. It’s also possible to have it under the counter. It looks slick and saves counter space.

This isn’t for you if…

-you’re looking to take part of some kind of get rich quick scenario

-the water at your properties is so severely contaminated and you shouldn’t even touch it

-you expect the device to not require any maintenance at all. Once every 2000 litres the filter needs to be replaced (1-2 years)

-you expect one device to make the water from each tap in the household drinkable

-you are unwilling to realize that Vacation Hydration may be working with a number of people in a number of countries. This is only an issue for you if you are severely impatient or rude.

-you can’t understand that I am a distributor of a product and a provider of a service.  I do not manufacture the product myself and therefore can not offer discounts, sales or change the specs on the product. After the product is purchased I will do my best to help you but any complaints made to the manufacturer. The company is wonderful to deal with and has a lifetime warranty. I am more than willing to help with all reasonable concerns.

-you can’t understand that this device cannot protect you from all water contamination. If the safety of the water changes suddenly and severely I cannot guarantee how well it will work.

-you are completely unwilling to help me co-ordinate with your clients. This is important if you have a large property with a large number of homes for sale. I will do most of the work but I might need your help from time to time. (ie. giving me contact info in a timely manor, assisting clients with getting their paperwork to me)

-you think the water from these machines will magically cure you from disease or illness.

-you intend on exaggerating the ability of these machines in order to make more money through referrals.

Sound good?

 Then simply submit your email below or get in touch through the contact page