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Product Specs

The best place to learn more about the product is by checking out Echo Water Ionizers.

After being disappointed with a different company I have now found and have decided to stay with Echo. Why?

First of the machine is superior to anything else I have found in the market.

They use a patented technology that allows the machine to clean itself every time you use it instead of you having to clean it by hand every couple of weeks.

Because the technology is so good the machine never gets clogged up with calcium build up and since calcium build up isn’t a problem they can use more efficient materials that would normally get gummed up after only a few months of use.

The most important part of these machines is there ability to make antioxidants (molecular hydrogen) and to make it consistently over a long period of ownership. These machines do that.

Next the filter in this machine is fantastic! It has a 9 stage filter that removes chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and metals.  Most machines only contain a 1 stage filter.

The next thing is that Echo has Fabulous customer service

They will pay someone to come and install the machine for you. Although it isn’t that complicated it can still be challenging for some people. Echo will pay for the install so you don’t have to worry about it.

30 Money Back Guarantee. You can send the machine back within 30 days and get all you money back!

Lifetime Warranty. If there is something wrong with the machine (that wasn’t caused by deliberate misuse) you can send it in and have it fixed completely for free. Echo will even pay for the shipping to send it in.

$100 Visa Gift Card for referrals Echo gives $100 Visa Gift Cards for referrals. How great is that? You don’t even have to be a customer but if you sent me a sale you will get a $100 Visa with you name on it in the mail.


Echo is a wonderful company that makes a great product. The owner of the company, Paul, is honest and has a passion for helping people improve their health. He enjoys educating them on why the water truly works instead of making false promises.

I am honored to be a part of the Echo team. I became part of it because I resonated with Paul’s values and