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Vacation Hydration
Live the BEST Life

Extra Income

This is about giving your clients an opportunity to purchase a device makes their lives more convenient and  improves their health. (You will also be helping the environment and hopefully I will be able to get this to school children in South America soon)

There are a few options that you can use when getting your clients this device.

1. Referral  Less money/less work

Echo Water Ionizers gives a $100 Visa Gift card to any referral that leads to a sale. If you have 50 properties that all want drinking water that’s $5000 just for helping your clients get what they want


2. Distributor  More Money/More Work

As a dirtubitor Echo will start you are around $15o per sale and increase the amount per sale as you make more. Up to $800! But you or someone on your staff needs to be ready and willing to learn all about this machine. Not just the specs but the science behind the antioxidants. And although I am here to help you along the way you are responsible for all of the paper work and getting the sales into your clients. If they have questions you need to be avaibale to answer them and when they need to order a new filter, they will be contacting you.

Again, I am here to help but now you are making the money instead of me so you need to take responsibility.