Vacation Hydration

Why I Started This Business

I love luxury but luxury is not excess. Sometimes things are more just for the sake of more. That’s not what this is about.

I’m not cheap though. I’m more than happy to pay for good quality. This is evident by my raincoat, blender and choice of weekend spa getaway.   (You can read more about me here.)

However, I feel frustrated when I’m paying for quality and then it falls short. It’s not that my money was wasted. It just could be better. I always feel that if I could have done a better job on my own or for less money then you didn’t live up to my expectations.

If you claim it will keep me dry while I walk in the pouring rain and its $100 more than your competitor……it better

If you claim it will blend anything I put in there and its $300 more than the one on sale…….it better

If you claim that your hotel will provide me with a rich luxurious spa experience and it’s $1000 more than I want to spend……..Well, you get the idea….

And it does! So not only do I not mind spending $1000 extra to go away for a couple days but I go back! And I tell everyone how wonderful it was!

This is the frame of mind I use to run this business. If things are better than expected people will pay and shout it from the rooftop!

How I got the idea…

My husband and I live in an apartment in the burbs and had recently decided that instead of working towards buying a bigger house or something closer to the city we would buy a vacation property. He wanted something in the bush that would need snowmobiles in the winter however I had my eyes set on somewhere sunnier.

So one weekend my husband and I were at large home and garden show to find ideas for our bathroom renovations. We passed by a booth for a luxury vacation property development.  I thought they looked too expensive but he suggested there was no harm in taking a pamphlet.

The property in the heart of the tropics was beautiful! The designs for the homes were gorgeous!  Each unit has its own pool?! 5 minutes to the beach! Ohhhhh… how I wanted one!

As soon as we were home I looked at their entire website. The location of each lot for sale, the different building designs, which one I would pick, the layout of the rest of the resort once completed and things to do in town. Then I got to the FAQ page.

The question at the very bottom on the page was “Is the tap water drinkable?”.  To my surprise the answer was “No.”

Wait! What?!…..NO?!….are you serious?

The drinking water at this “luxury” vacation home is not drinkable?…but I can get water in town?

…..hmmmm, yeah……very “luxurious”……

I’ve had one of these water devices for a while now since I used it for health reasons. I’ve sold the machines to others looking to receive benefits from this antioxidant rich water. I knew that when the earthquake happened in Haiti similar but inferior products were sent a to provide drinking water for people there while they dealt with the state of emergency.

Sooooo….. they can have drinking water in a disaster zone in but NOT at your luxury vacation properties?

How is that possible?!

When I think of vacation properties without drinking water I think about 19 year olds going to Mexico on spring break for a $599 week long all inclusive. “Don’t drink the water, drink the beer!”

But I’m not 19 anymore and I want to drink the water.

Also I would be paying a lot more than $599. Granted it would be my property, my house and I would be able to stay there whenever I wanted to; Still, I was ticked.

This solution seemed so simple.

The total for the properties I looked at were between $170,000 and $285,000. Would you pay 2300  more to have drinking water for the next 25 years? To have some of the best water in the world?

I would.

That is how this business came to be. I saw an opening. A way to solve a problem.

And to me this is more of a problem for the property developer than it is for the individual buying the vacation home.

If your luxury vacation properties don’t have drinking water are they really all that luxurious?

Now what if your luxury properties had luxury water?

That’s a selling feature. Not something that needs to be hidden at the bottom of a FAQ sheet.

You don’t want people to buy your properties because they’ve been convinced or tricked.

You want your property to stand out so there is no competition because yours is simply the best choice.

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